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Jul. 8th, 2013

Day 4 of sleeping pill withdraw. Not fun. Taking it minute by minute. 

Rosie the Riveter?

Rosie the Riveter?, originally uploaded by Shelley Panzarella.

Had to share this!

Jet lag

Jet lag, originally uploaded by Carrie Patterson.

I'm only a few short weeks from starting my third trimester! It is very exciting!!

Heavy on Sherwin Fire

Heavy on Sherwin Fire, originally uploaded by jcookfisher.

Yesterday, a wildfire broke out in the sherwins at about 2:30pm....I am glad the fire is burning away from town!


I'm getting really nervous! There is a huge storm blowing into Mammoth in the next few days and everyone is talking about it!

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is notifying all residents, and visitors to be prepared for periods of blizzard conditions and heavy snow beginning Friday, January 4, thru Sunday, January 6, 2008.

The National Weather Service has issued an urgent Winter Storm Watch for Mammoth Lakes warning of significant snow accumulations and strong winds that have the potential to create dangerous winter conditions Friday through Sunday. Four day snowfall totals of 5 - 8 feet are possible through Sunday in the Sierra.

The Town advises residents and visitors to stock up on water, food, first aid supplies, clothing and bedding, tools and emergency supplies, along with special items for medical conditions. You may also consider an alternative way to heat your home; and if you have to drive, fuel up your vehicle in advance, carry chains, a cell phone, emergency food, water and blankets or sleeping bags.

The part that scares me is we get bad storms all the time but never warnings from the town! They are predicting this storm will be historic!!

I ran out of wishes

I ran out of wishes, originally uploaded by Carrie Patterson.

My first attempt at Astrophotography.

I got a cable release so I was really really really excited to take my first star trail shot. Last night was too cloudy and snowing. Tonight was clear! Perfect. There were however a lot of interesting things that happened.

-I walked halfway to my location when I realized that I forgot my battery in the charger at home. HA HA.

-The Mammoth Police stalk people who do things at night. They didn't stop me surprisingly but they were following me around. Apparently, Mammoth citizens aren't suppose to act out nocturnal urges and or astrophotography. It DOES make me feel safer knowing they are aware of what goes on at night. Its just kind of annoying to feel like you are criminal.

I saw quite a bit of wildlife. I saw 3 bears unsurprisingly in dumpsters. The first one was a huge guy and was in the middle of the street and I probably would have walked right into him had a van not slowly crept along like something was going on. I kind of did a half circle stopped and waited for him to continue on and then I went on as well.

The other bear was near Mammoth Creek park just kind of lurking around in the parking lot. Probably looking for abandoned lollipops and or children. HA HA HA.

I'm pretty sure the third bear was the same bear as the first bear I saw. I always scuff my feet when walking in the complete dark down the streets to give them a warning that I'm coming. He heard me and popped his head out of the dumpster and looked at me. He did this graceful? dive back into the dumpster. Apparently, whatever was in there was much more appetizing than I was.

I saw a few mountain lions? Well very large wild cats. One on my street and one in the vons parking lot recycle center.

I originally was going to shoot at the top of this vista point that is at the top of the main path. It was really dark and basically I was too afraid to go alone. I settled for a shot of The Sherwins equestrian/ski center. It was pretty close to the road but far enough away from 'downtown' that the stars were really bright.

The first shot I let run for about 40 minutes. To my dismay nothing happened. The shot didn't take!! I was pretty bummed about it. It was about 20 degrees at this point and I was freezing. I had convinced myself during those 40 minutes that it would be the only shot tonight because it was so cold. I rationalized that if I had already spent 40 minutes..I might as well take another shot because at least then I could explain my frost bite...

The minutes CREEPED BY. It was SOOOO COLD. I was starting to think that a 5 minute exposure would due!! haha. It seriously seemed like hours. I was worried that this shot also wouldn't take....

I stopped the shot at just about 20 minutes. 19.6 to be exact. This is the result of my crazy night.

My favorite part was sitting there and looking up and seeing all the shooting stars and trying to make a wish on each one.

What I love about star-trails is that it really gives you a perspective.

Life is one long star trail. A collection of seconds and we leave behind a beautiful light.

For this shot:

Exposure: 1179 sec (about 20 minutes)
Focal Length:18 mm
ISO Speed:100

Shot in Raw in Manuel bulb mode w/ a cable release.

Where the light extends

Where the light extends, originally uploaded by Carrie Patterson.

Also, it is officially Autumn here in the Sierras!

September snow

September snow, originally uploaded by Carrie Patterson.


Raven Laughter

Raven Laughter, originally uploaded by Carrie Patterson.

These are the latest additions to my art made while manic collection.

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